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Whether you are looking for single sided bonding, double sided bonding, or sealing products, Premier Coating & Converters Ltd have a wide range of options to find your perfect solution for your application.

As part of our portfolio of PREMFIX™ products for tapes, we have selected three of our exciting materials for a product focus below. For the full PREMFIX™ range, please click here.

All of our inkjet products are available in various thicknesses and finishes. Combined with any of our range of specialist adhesives and liners. To suit many applications.

50µ Aluminium Foil - 50µ conformable aluminium foil, produced from a 99% aluminium alloy. Excellent properties and resistant to moisture vapour transmission. It is very durable and is excellent for embossing. Perfect for sealing, bonding, fixing and HVAC applications.

Transfer Tape - A standard permanent adhesive contained between two siliconised release liners. Typically used for applications such as business forms, this material offers similar properties when used as a dual linered double sided tape. We also have the capability to manufacture compostable / biodegradable transfer tapes.

Dualam - A dual laminate construction comprising of two layers of adhesive substrate. The label top layer can be a removable label that can be applied elsewhere, which may change the message or marking on the remaining label.