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Sustainable Adhesives

Leading the way in biodegradable & compostable materials

BioTAK® XS102 - The completely biodegradable and compostable adhesive

Premier Coating & Converters Ltd are delighted to announce an exclusive new partnership with Sustainable Adhesive Products BV. As a new edition to the PremECO™ brand, we are now able to introduce the BioTAK® XS102 adhesive to give our customers both a fully compostable and biodegradable label solution.

As an addition to our range of water-based adhesives, the BioTAK® XS102 allows us to provide our customers with products and materials in the sustainable labelling and packaging industry. The combination of PCC’s array of biodegradable and compostable substrates, release liners and the BioTAK® XS102 adhesive enables us to supply a product specifically engineered for your sustainable applications.

Properties & Technical:

  • Compostable & biodegradable
  • General purpose permanent adhesive
  • Repulpable
  • Water-based
  • High content of renewable materials
  • Certified to European Compostable Packaging Standard EN13432
Adhesive Drops - Square
Fruit Box with label

Applications Include:

  • Self-adhesive labelling
  • Compostable labelling
  • Fruit labelling
  • Packaging
  • Plus many more...

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