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Adhesive Coating Services

Premier Coatings and Converters is a specialist in the manufacture and application of water based acrylic adhesives.

The technical team at PCC has formulated a range of adhesives, that perform to the highest standards in all of the applications we supply into on a day-to-day basis.

Our range of water based acrylic adhesives provide a sustainable and safe label stock for a wide variety of applications. From the most demanding environments and surfaces to easily removable qualities our range of adhesives can meet your requirements.

Our in-house manufacturing and coating lines are able to apply adhesives to materials up to 1500mm wide with coat weights ranging from 14gsm to 65gsm.

If one of our existing adhesives doesn’t match your requirements, we have the technical expertise to formulate and coat new adhesives to very specific standards.

We are also able to work on a contract coating basis with customer supplied substrates if required; producing the ideal construction to your exact specification.

Please contact us to speak with one our technical team, who can advise you on the most suitable solution.