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on September 09, 2019 Adhesive Coating Material labels press exhibition

Working Together

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It is a long-standing belief at Premier Coating & Converters Ltd, that business is built on relationships.

Relationships with our customers and suppliers, are vital to ensuring that we collaborate effectively together to provide an efficient service that can be relied upon.

For over 25 years, we have worked in partnership with PPG TESLIN® to provide the market leading self-adhesive material within the chemical drum labelling industry. As time progressed, a long-standing partnership was forged, with a combined desire to provide our customers with their perfect label solution.

As we look ahead to LabelExpo Europe, we are pleased to announce that we will once again be located alongside PPG TESLIN® in hall 8. Together we will be showcasing the great benefits of the substrate alongside our specialist, BS5609 accredited, adhesives. Be sure to stop by and see how we can work together to create your perfect label solution.


PPG TESLIN®, in partnership with PCC, have recently created a case study highlighting the great work we carry out together. Please click here to take a look!

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