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on October 12, 2021 Adhesive Coating labels labelling reliable BS5609 sustainable

Why Water-Based Adhesives?

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Here at PCC, we have developed a long-standing relationship supplying water-based self-adhesive solutions for the most demanding applications. Our business has been built on our range of specialist, exclusive, adhesives that can be relied upon time after time. From biodegradable to BS5609 accredited hi-tack permanent, with our technical expertise and formulations are able to meet or exceed the performance of solvent adhesives in most cases.

So why should you choose water-based over other adhesive constructions such as solvent or hot-melt?

Water-Based Adhesives

  • Cost - There is a significant saving to be made as solvent chemicals cost considerably more than the water used to create our adhesives. This means that our savings can be passed onto our customers.
  • Bonding - There is a common misconception that solvent-based adhesives have significant advantages when bonding to materials over their water-based competitors. Whilst this claim was not unfounded in the past, modern day water-based adhesives are extremely stable over time providing a reliable bond, some with hydrophobic properties, that often out performs solvent-based products.
  • Environmental - Water-based formulations are a lot safer and eco-friendly compared to solvent-based equivalents due to the reduced amount of chemicals used in their construction.
  • Application - The versatility of water-based adhesives means that it can be utilised across a vast range of substrates from synthetic materials to paper and textiles.
  • Low Odour - Due to the main component of these adhesives being water, there is very little odour due to the significant reduction of chemicals. 

Solvent-Based Adhesives

  • Cost - Due to the high cost of chemicals and solvents, they are often more expensive to manufacture.
  • Environmental Issues - As a result of the manufacturing process of solvent-based adhesives, there is a significant release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. These pollutants have been identified to be a contributing factor to serious health problems, alongside having a considerable effect on the formation of ground level ozone.
  • Regulations - The everchanging perception surrounding chemical products means that governmental regulations have become a lot stricter over the years. This is looking to be a continuing theme for the future and research has shown that a lot of end users are beginning to reduce their usage of solvent-based products to stay clear of any change in regulations. 

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