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Adhesive Coating Teslin durable reliable PREMDURE™ BS5609 Accredited Underwater

GHS Compliant Labelstock

Navigating the world of government legislation can be intimidating at the best of times, especially when personal safety is involved. This is one of t...

Adhesive Coating Teslin labels Laser labelexpo exhibition labelling durable reliable PREMDURE™ BS5609 Underwater

Meeting the challenges of 2022

Challenges are something that every business faces on a daily basis, however the obstacles we have all faced in the past few years have applied even m...

Adhesive Coating labels labelling reliable BS5609 sustainable

Why Water-Based Adhesives?

Here at PCC, we have developed a long-standing relationship supplying water-based self-adhesive solutions for the most demanding applications. Our bus...

Coating labels materials security labelling specialist durable reliable PREMLASER™ PREMJET™ PREMFIX™ PREMDURE™ PREMVIS™ PREMECO™

New Product Ranges

Coating labels materials security labelling specialist durable reliable

Durable Materials

When searching for a label that you can trust, PCC has a wide range of self-adhesive materials that can be relied on time after time. Specialist const...