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PREMDUREChallenges are something that every business faces on a daily basis, however the obstacles we have all faced in the past few years have applied even more pressure than ever across the industry.

We have been incredibly fortunate to be part of a market that has seen exponential growth during the pandemic. With chemical labelling booming, record years of sales have been achieved by many in the industry. Of course, when the demand for a product increases, the ability to supply can often come under strain. With the expertise of our team here at Premier, we have put measures in place to ensure that our supply is as strong as ever.

PREMDURE™ - Premier Durable Range

Without a doubt, PREMDURE™ has grown incredibly during the pandemic. From hand-sanitisers to chemical drum labelling, never have durable products seen so much demand. Whilst some areas of the industry have struggled to secure a reliable supply, thanks to the foresight and planning of our purchasing team, and working closely with our customers, we have increased our stock holding capabilities and now have more products readily available. We endeavour to ensure that our customers receive the excellent level of supply security that they have always been accustomed to.

Looking ahead!

2022 promises to be a huge year for us at Premier. As industries across the world are beginning to find their feet, we have high hopes that the labelling industry will continue to thrive. 

Whilst chemical labelling currently contains the most sought after products, our team are constantly assessing the market to ensure that our supply is secured across the six product ranges that we offer. We echo the above statement that we have a vast array of materials in stock and ready to order without significant lead times.

Exhibitions are back and, most importantly for us, Labelexpo Europe is back! Premier will once again be returning to the Brussels based exhibition in April, with a larger presence than ever before. Our biggest stand to date will be showcasing our new product ranges to a public audience for the first time. We are incredibly excited to meet face to face again, so make sure you drop by Stand 5A17 and say hello.

Labelexpo Europe 2022

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