on May 22, 2019 Material

Gloss Polyesters

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For over 15 years, we have manufactured high quality polyester products for our customers. Using our ability to combine Gloss White and Gloss Clear Polyester with our specialist adhesives ensure that we create the perfect construction for applications on the most challenging of surfaces. Our customers trust in PCC... you should too! 

 PT01 - 50µ Gloss White Polyester

This material is a white opaque film which is defined by its very low transparency and high degree of whiteness. It is particularly suitable as a versatile print medium, offering great mechanical strength and good dimensional stability

Typical Applications:

  • Labels
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Imaging
  • High-quality alternative to paper (blister packaging etc.)

 PT02 - 50µ Gloss Clear Polyester

This material is a clear biaxially orientated film which is defined by its high transparency, gloss surface and low haze. This is complemented by its great mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Typical Applications:

  • Labels
  • Printing
  • Imaging/Business Graphics
  • Membrane Touch Switches

 Printability of Gloss White and Gloss Clear products:

  • Flexographic
  • Offset
  • Rotogravure
  • Thermal Transfer *gloss white only*

As with all of PCC's face materials, we allow you to combine any substrate, adhesive and liner to produce your perfect labelling solution. If you would like samples or any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us see how we can be of assistance.