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on February 16, 2022 Adhesive Coating Teslin durable reliable PREMDURE™ BS5609 Accredited Underwater

GHS Compliant Labelstock

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PREMDURENavigating the world of government legislation can be intimidating at the best of times, especially when personal safety is involved. This is one of the founding reasons behind GHS regulations and its requirements. Much like the need for a label that you can trust, you also need a supplier that you can trust... this is where Premier comes in!

What is GHS?

Every country in the world has various requirements when it comes to classifying hazardous substances. Confusingly, these change depending on which part of the world chemicals find themselves in. Therefore, the United Nations (UN) chose to create a Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification when it comes to labelling potentially dangerous chemicals.

This new system means that there is now one standard set of legislation that will be recognised globally across all participating countries within the UN. The mission of the GHS is to ensure that critical information is readily available during the handling, transportation and usage of chemicals and other hazardous substances.


GHS labelling requirements

It is commonly known that there are information requirements when it comes to what is presented on chemical labels, but did you know that there are also requirements when it comes to the manufacture of a label?

GHS requires that each label used on a hazardous substance, has the ability to endure and remain readable in the harshest of environments, including sea water. To ensure that this requirement is met, labels should be certified. This certification is called BS5609 accreditation, and its ultimate purpose is to approve a label for use in GHS applications where reliability matters. To find out more on BS5609 accreditation please click here.


How can we help?

Since Premier was founded, we have established ourselves as one of the market leaders when it comes to chemical and durable labels. It is with this foundation that we introduced our PREMDURE™ range of products to the industry. This range incorporates the highest quality materials that can be relied upon time after time, including the industry renowned PPG TESLIN® substrate.

The combination of these face materials with our exclusive, specialist, adhesives allows our customers to create labelling constructions that are perfect for the harshest of environments. The staple of our adhesive range is our highly established BS5609 Section 2 Accredited Hi-Tack Permanent Adhesive (PCC17) which will give you reliability when you need it the most.


To find out how we can create your perfect GHS compliant label solution, please click below