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on April 17, 2019 labels Environmental Energy

Don't waste your energy!

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At Premier Coating & Converters Ltd, we ensure that we keep our energy usage at a minimum and our savings at a maximum. In 2018, we set out a goal as a company to become more energy efficient in our production process. With a complete revamp of our lighting systems, state of the art trim extraction system and factory wide solar paneling saw the target reached and huge strides gained in reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our energy savings.  


The first of our renovation projects saw us install solar panels across our factory roofing. From the date of install to present day, we have seen a huge energy saving of over 15% on our annual electricity bill as well as 13,000Kg's of carbon dioxide emissions. Our reduction in energy has now saved the equivalent of planting over 45 trees and we look to increase this number in the coming years.

Time for a trim

The purchase of a state of the art trim extraction machine saw the biggest production saving of all. All 6 of our slitting lines are now connected to a master extraction unit that compacts all excess production waste at speed. In return, we have seen an uplift in employee efficiency. In addition to this, our waste usage has been reduced by 45% since the installation of this system, consequently leading to a greener way of working within the business.

LEaDing the way 

The last of our projects was a complete overhaul of our factory and office lighting seeing a switch from traditional bulbs to modern day LED's. LED's are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Not only decreasing our carbon footprint, but furthermore ensuring our electrical costs are dramatically reduced.