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Durable labelstock that you can trust

Years of experience have taught us one thing - When our customers have an application for harsh environments, they need a label that sticks... reliably!

This is why we have specially developed adhesives to meet the demanding requirements of the open world. Exclusively formulated for PCC, we are able to offer products that have been BS5609 Section 2 and Section 3 accredited, so that you know that they can be trusted time after time.

What is BS5609 accreditation?

British Standard BS5609 is an accreditation that specifically certifies that a label meets the minimum requirements for use in a Marine Environment.

 BS5609 Section 2 Accreditation

Any label that is sent for testing is placed in the sea for approximately 3 months. Once these are retrieved they are rigorously tested for adhesive performance, dimensional stability and colour fastness. Once all of this criteria is met, and certification is awarded, you have an approved labelstock that you know is durable enough for the harshest of environments.

 BS5609 Section 3 Accreditation

Once Section 2 certification has been awarded, you can then apply for your material to be approved for Section 3 accreditation. This is where the print method alone is tested. Similar to previous testing, the material is placed in the sea for a period of time and, once removed, is analysed for print key effectiveness, permanence of print and abrasion resistance. All accreditation is awarded against the printer make, model and ink / toner system.

Drum in sea

BS5609 Certified Materials


Self Adhesive PPG TESLIN®

Certified back in 2015, this combination of the PPG TESLIN® substrate and our very own, marine grade, Hi-Tack Permanent adhesive has proved to be a staple in the chemical labelling industry. A microporous material, the PPG Teslin® substrate effectively 'locks-in' printer inks and toners, producing a durable label that is reliable, even in the harshest of conditions.


High Opacity Black Out Label

Newly certified, this product combines the renowned PPG TESLIN® substrate with a specially formulated black-out adhesive, exclusive to Premier Coating & Converters Ltd. Typically used as an over labelling solution, this material can be placed on top of any existing label and successfully cover it with zero transparency.


Matt White Inkjet PP

Another new addition to the BS5609 lineup, this construction is made from a Matt White Polypropylene and coated with our, marine grade, Hi-Tack Permanent adhesive. Accepting inkjet printability this material has been developed to strengthen our range to cover a variety of print methods.


Section 3 Accreditation

Contact us for an approved compatible printer list for the above materials.



PREMDUREPart of the PREMDURE™ Range from Premier Coating & Converters Ltd.

Disclaimer: Teslin is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.