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on March 07, 2019 labels foil aluminium

Self-Adhesive Aluminium Foil

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Whether it's insulation for white goods or a sealant for HVAC units, you need an aluminium foil tape that can be trusted time and time again. Premier Coating & Converters Ltd's range of aluminium foil tapes have been specifically designed to consistently perform in the harshest of conditions where reliability matters. Combine these incredible properties with any one of our specialist, exclusive, adhesives to create your perfect label solution.


  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity
  • -40°C to +150°C
  • Chemical resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Soft tempered foil (8079 alloy)
  • Variety of thicknesses for individual applications


  • Heating, ventiliation & air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Insulation
  • White goods
  • Decorative finishes
  • Seams and joints

Combine this product with our tried and trusted adhesives:

  • Removable (PCC05)
  • Repositionable (PCC11)
  • Hi-Tack Permanent (PCC17)
  • Standard Permanent (PCC18)
  • Deep Freeze (PCC89)
  • Your own formulation... contact us to find out more

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